The Avengers Hub: News, Images, Trailers and More

Marvel will be bringing Iron Man 3 to Hall H, and we hope news about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie!
Nathan Fillion says he is not quite ready yet for The Avengers sequel. We think maybe the Guardians of the Galaxy movie will get him prepared.
Starlin wonders if Wacker has read anything besides Infinity Gauntlet. Also: Could there be a Thanos legal challenge?
The 2014 "untitled" Marvel Studios movie is — Guardians of the Galaxy!
The bad guys are chasing Tony who is getting ready to suit up as the Invincible Iron Man!
Some news on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie!
The Avengers movie is coming home with you on September 25th!
Is Don Cheadle living in America as he dons the red, white and blue War Machine armor?!
A full slate of movies and more are to appear at this year's San Diego Comic Con.
We have our first look at Guy Pierce and Jon Favreau from Iron Man 3.
Thanos will be unleashed this September in Avengers Assemble #7, and Jim Starlin and Ron Lim reprints.
We get a taste of the first movie poster for Iron Man 3 from the 2012 Licensing Expo that is being held in Las Vegas.
Check out a bald Miley Cyrus! Would she make a good Moondragon in Guardians of the Galaxy?!
Apparently the office building of Norman Osborn's company was supposed to be a part of The Avengers' skyline, but never made it into the movie.
Netflix has announced that this is the Summer of super heroes as the Thor movie is now available as streaming content.
Avi Arad is open to the possibility of a Spider-Man and Avengers movie crossover.
In this fun video Malcom McDowell talks about his thoughts on The Avengers movie, Kirk, Patrick Stewart and Star Trek.
Check out Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow on the set of Iron Man 3.
Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle were spotted on the set of Iron Man 3.
Anthony and Joe Russo are in final talks with Disney and Marvel Studios to direct Captain America 2.
New set images from Iron Man 3 reveal a Marvel Comics bad guy group!
Check out the debut trailer for The Avengers: Battle For The Earth that was announced at the Ubisoft press conference at the 2012 E3.
The first official IM3 set image is released.
Both Thor 2 and The Lone Ranger see their release dates changed.
Wow! Check out James Badge Dale sporting the Iron Patriot Armor from Iron Man 3!
Details on The Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD set have become known in addition to cover art.
Iron Man 3 is underway, and now we have a new villain in the form of Ashley Hamilton.
Comic book adaptations are exciting the world. And that's a good thing, right?
Andrew Garfield let it be known that if he got the call — Spider-Man would assemble in The Avengers sequel.
Forget Ant-Man, Nathan Fillion is the obvious choice to play Star-Lord, Peter Quill!
James Badge Dale has been cast as Eric Savin, aka Coldblood in the Marvel comics.
Jim Starlin talks about The Avengers movie, how he wasn't contacted about Spoiler, compensation and more.
Tom Brevoort says bigger things are coming and it's the first step toward something they have been working on for a while.
Is there more to the inclusion of SPOILER in The Avengers movie?
The Avengers Vs. The Dark Knight Rises and more from director Joss Whedon as he thanks the fans.
Rebecca Hall (The Prestige, The Town) has landed the female leading role in Iron Man 3.
Really no surprise as The Avengers movie has shattered all kinds of records, but Disney let it be known that Avengers 2 is officially in the works.
Bendis reveals the big cosmic baddie and with that a new era of Marvel Cosmic begins.
With both Feige and Whedon stating how much they like DnA and Jim Starlin's creations, why not bring them onboard Marvel Cosmic?!
Holy! Someone at Marvel actually likes cosmic!