The Avengers Hub: News, Images, Trailers and More

The recently released Guardians of the Galaxy concept art merges rather nicely with that of The Avengers.
How much does it cost Tony Stark to don the Iron Man armor?! A whole heck of a lot more than having cosmic powers!
Check out the following ultimate fan fight featuring The Caped Crusader, Batman, taking on Captain America!
Anthony Russo, the director on Captain America 2, talks comic books, Ed Brubaker, setting and whether any Avengers will make an appearance.
New Iron Man 3 set images from a beach in North Carolina reveal parachutes, military personnel and helicopters.
Cosmic Book News reached out to DnA for their thoughts on the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie announcement.
Hmm...what a very interesting set pic from the Iron Man 3 shoot that took place in Rose Hill, Carolina.
Check out some Iron Man 3 concept art of the Mark VIII armor.
Marvel has a released a video featuring their Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase One: Avengers Assembled Box set.
Apparently Marvel is none too pleased with the recent leaks prior to Comic-Con and are off investigating.
Check out a preview of the upcoming animated special featuring The Avengers teaming with Disney's Phineas and Ferb.
Christopher Nolan's last Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, is expected to beat the IMAX sales record currently held by The Avengers movie.
Is dropping the teenage and mutant aspect from Ninja Turtles similar to what Marvel has done with The Avengers?!
Check out Stan Lee in the following video ranting on about The Dark Knight Rises!
See Iron Man in action at the Wilmington, NC Iron Man 3 shoot.
Will Batman take down Captain America and Iron Man at the Box Office? The Dark Knight Rises is tracking better than The Avengers.
Looks like Anthony Mackie is set to fly as Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier!
At this past weekend's San Diego Comic-Con the trailer for the Avengers: Battle For Earth video game was unleashed upon the world!
The official website for Iron Man 3 has been launched.
New Rocket Raccoon concept art as Kevin Feige introduces the Guardians of the Galaxy movie at Comic-Con!
SDCC visitors discover the Mandarin will be the villain in Iron Man 3. But who is this mysterious China-man?
At the San Diego Comic-Con Iron Man 3 Kids Costume Event a special appearance was made by Robert Downey Jr.!
A new clip has landed online for "Item 47" from The Avengers movie Blu-Ray.
Johnson is holding a Live Q&A on Twitter today, "Rock Talk," let's ask about Drax The Destroyer.
Marvel Cosmic dreams came true last night at the San Diego Comic-Con! Pinch me!
The Mandarin stood revealed in the last show of the Iron Man 3 footage from Comic-Con.
It's official. An Ant-Man movie is underway being written by Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright.
"Captain America 2" has an official title with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, out April 4th, 2014.
Look for the Guardians of the Galaxy to spring into action August 1st, 2014!
Follow along live below as Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige present the Iron Man 3 panel!
Ant-Man, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy — at the Iron Man 3 Comic-con Panel!
Today at the San Diego Comic Con Marvel revealed Iron Man's new armor for Iron Man 3.
At a special screening for "Item 47" at the SDCC, it came out that Ant-Man will be announced tomorrow at the Comic-Con. Maybe.
Starlin talks candidly about working for Marvel and DC Comics, old as well as new projects and lots more.
We get a couple tidbits coming out of the Firefly Reunion Panel with creator Joss Whedon in attendance.
Marvel revealed a new poster for The Avengers Blu-Ray extra, "Item 47."
Marvel will be bringing Iron Man 3 to Hall H, and we hope news about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie!
Nathan Fillion says he is not quite ready yet for The Avengers sequel. We think maybe the Guardians of the Galaxy movie will get him prepared.
Starlin wonders if Wacker has read anything besides Infinity Gauntlet. Also: Could there be a Thanos legal challenge?
The 2014 "untitled" Marvel Studios movie is — Guardians of the Galaxy!