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Michael Rooker's likeness from the James Gunn film.
The Incredible Hulk actor is friends with director Rian Johnson.
Come and get your love...
Reduced to the size of an ant with human strengths...
Dave Bautista and Drax said to have a big role.
Guardians assembling with Avengers for Japan.
Any ideas who she could play in the sequel?
Is WB moving forward with a new cosmic movie following Marvel's success?
Chastain wants to play the main hero role and not a supporting gig.
The 69-year-old actor talks about relating to the script and the CGI effects.
Third look at Paul Bettany's character.
Guardians on par with Avatar, The Hunger Games and The Dark Knight.
Bring on the Super Heroes! Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon and many more!
Will Cap lead a new team of Assemblers?
New promo art surfaces.
I am... ROOT?!
More from artist Andy Park.
Any ideas who the Oscar-award winning actor could play?
Disney never forbade it.
Power up like a Marvel Super Hero!
Marvel has the Midas touch.
Severed head of a Celestial and more.
New Rocket Raccoon and Groot concept art.
The Russo Bros. share what could have been.
"I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."
Comments on original Stan Lee cameo and Yondu being different than comics.
Find out what happens when the censors get ahold of the footage.
Put together by artist/sculptor HurleyFX.
Ruffalo posts a video on Tumblr.
Maybe he could play the Grandmaster?
Former stars of Doctor Who accept.
Also practices her fighting techniques for the film.
Watch Dancing Groot all over again.
Will Marvel use Carol Danvers?
Glove that holds the six Infinity Gems.
Good news: Hawkeye will be around for a while.
Comapares the Marvel Cosmic movie to winning the Super Bowl.
Marvel Cosmic on top.
Whedon shows Hawkeye how to pull the bow.
National Dog Day.