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So you are starting a new run of Guardians of the Galaxy: who is your villain? In 1992, Jim Valentino chose -- Taserface!
Ask any tree you happen to see -- especially from outer space -- and they will answer the question: Who is Groot?
James Gunn is rereading the '90s Guardians of the Galaxy and stated a character we won't be seeing in the movie.
The Greater Cleveland Film Commission today announced that Marvel Studios will film portions of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier in Cleveland, Ohio.
It's really quite simple why the Justice League movie can succeed. Find out why.
Thanos concept art is revealed with The Avengers Blu-Ray release.
A fearless, loyal and insightful military strategist, Rocket Raccoon is not your ordinary space hero!
Found exclusively on The Avengers movie Blu-Ray edition is the following Captain America deleted scene featuring the Acura RDX.
An artist present at the SDCC put together the following video showing off Ant-Man movie footage.
A couple Guardians of the Galaxy rumors have surfaced. So who would your picks be?
Learn how Earth man Arthur Douglas died and thus inherited the greatest responsibility in the universe.
Does the Mandarin have his hands in all three Iron Man movies? A crew hat reveals the Ten Rings logo.
Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige is more excited about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie than anything.
The hybrid human Peter Quill has had a tough row to hoe in his quest to live up to the name "Star-Lord."
2014: The “Most Dangerous Woman in the (Marvel) Universe” is ready for her close-up: Gamora.
Check out the following movie poster a fan put together for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
CBN M.E. Byron Brewer takes us down the tortured road that is the long and winding life of -- The Magus!
M.E. Byron Brewer gives us a run down on the history of the Infinity Gauntlet — just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?
Will The Avengers' Hulk smash on Planet Skaar? Kevin Feige doesn't rule it out.
We see Iron Man, Thor, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, and the diabolical Loki with the Cosmic Cube!
Kevin Feige hints at where the Mad Titan Thanos will pop up next.
New Iron Man 3 promotional art for the Iron Patriot has hit the net.
Actor Scott Porter wants to play Nova in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie! Blue Blazes!
Will the clone of Thor from Civil War make his way into the Marvel Studios universe of movies?!
Kevin Feige reveals a big clue about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?
Do not read if you don't want to know what may or may not take place in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Possible spoilers.
CBN regular, Armand Rock, has provided information that Thanos will be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and The Avenger 2 -- from Jim Starlin.
James Gunn confirms he is directing the Guardians of the Galaxy movie citing his love of space epics, comics and raccoons.
Rocket Raccoon creator Bill Mantlo and Marvel are reportedly coming to an agreement over the rights to the character that has seen his popularity — skyrocket.
Chris Evans says he wants to appear with Chris Hemsworth in Thor 2, talks comic books and The Avengers movie.
Marvel Studios co-president Louis D'Esposito let it be known that the Iron Man 3 trailer will premiere in October.
We already know The Avengers tower to be featured in The Avengers 2, but we missed this Easter Egg from The Avengers movie.
Will fan-favorite actor Clark Gregg return in The Avengers 2 as the Vision. The evidence is mounting.
With it being said a new Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out of Avengers Assemble #8, let's look at the last page to #7.
A short description of the upcoming Iron Man 3 trailer hits the net, which may reveal the trailer to be released soon.
Stan Lee reveals that his cameo in Thor 2 will be anything like he as ever seen.
Anthony Mackie discusses playing Sam Wilson, the Falcon, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Nathan Fillion talks the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, about his friend James Gunn and Star-Lord.
Joss Whedon offers up his opinion just why the NBC Wonder Woman TV series was a no go.
What would the inclusion of Galactus and the Silver Surfer have meant for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?