The Avengers Hub: News, Images, Trailers and More

Rotating Avengers team and the magic of Doctor Strange.
Pepper Potts to the rescue?
Hulk to smash in The Avengers 2.
The evidence speaks for itself.
Howard Stark to return?
Nova Corps confirmed! Hopefully with Richard Rider.
New movie poster.
More from the Chinese actors.
Did Abrams give Iron Man a star boost?
Not a surprise to readers of CBN.
Hulkbuster Armor smash!
New trailer is up.
Watch it right here on CBN!
Pepper and Tony spotted in new poster.
Another "#1" teaser. What does it mean?
More good news.
Best news we've heard all day.
Major spoilers for Iron Man 3?!
Batch of IM3 related images and promos.
How many armors will we see?
Asgardian Iron Man Destroyer armor?
Man of Steel is going to be huge.
Upfront and close look at the IM3 poster armors!
3 strikes and you are out.
New poster officially released.
A look at a new international poster.
Another new armor surfaces.
No Hulk smash movie?
Details for Iron Man 3. Spoilers follow.
Maybe Momoa turning down Marvel Studios was a good idea.
Tony seen supporting Advanced Idea Mechanics.
Cap needs to get back in the gym!
3 more to add to the last batch.
Kimmel is back taking on all things good-looking and undead.
3 new posters.
CBN's Lawrence Napoli gives us a run-down on the big winners and his thoughts on the show.
Avengers assemble at the Oscars.
Watch the Oscars online in its entirety starting tomorrow.
Possible details on the new IM3 trailer.
Whedon talks death in Avengers 2! And Borachio and Hawkeye!