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Supergirl #26 Reveals Lobo as Elvis??

New Lobo has Elvis hair, sideburns and all.

Green Lantern #23.2: Mongul Preview (Jim Starlin)

Nothing can prepare you for an all-new Warworld under the absolute rule of the tyrant called Mongul!

Aquaman #23.1: Black Manta Preview

Set loose as the Secret Society’s plan unfolds, Black Manta is shocked to learn that Aquaman may be dead!

Fanboys Go Crazy Again: Issue Violent Threats Over Batwoman

"This is unacceptable. It needs to stop now."

First Look At Forever Evil #2 (David Finch Pencils)

The villains have taken over the world!

Forever Evil #1 Unmasking Spoiler

And his/her real name happens to be...!

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