DC Comics

DC Comics Hourman In Development At The CW

WB continues bringing DC characters to TV.

Superman Unchained #4 Preview

Superman rushes to stop Ascension’s attack and kicks off a huge battle with Wraith!

Exclusive: Justin Jordan shines his writing light on Kyle Rayner, White Lantern

Byron talks to the scribe about galaxies, gurus, Guardians and Godkillers!

Green Lantern #25 Preview

The shockwaves of “Lights Out” are just starting to be felt!

Exclusive: Robert Venditti discusses the future of the Green Lantern franchise

Byron talks new Lanterns, threats new and old, and more with the scribe.

The Sandman: Overture #1 Preview

Neil Gaiman’s legendary series is back!

Action Comics Annual #2 Preview

Superman, Supergirl and Superboy are enlisted by the Oracle to go back to their homeworld and correct what the villainous H’El has done!

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