Guardians Of The Galaxy

More Sif After Thor 2 Says Jaimie Alexander (Video)

Guardians of the Galaxy? Spinoff movie?

Kevin Feige Updates Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer, Ant-Man Casting & Doctor Strange (Video)

End of the year looks to be when everything is going to hit.

Thor 2 Mid-Credit Scene Spoiler Revealed! Alan Taylor Not Happy About It

The director spoils the mid-credit Thor 2 scene and glad to not take credit for it.

Kevin Feige Says Entire Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Hinges On Rocket (Video)

People need to be able to accept a gun-wielding raccoon in space.

James Gunn Wants To Launch A Marvel Cosmic Movie Franchise

Gunn wants to lay down the rules, start it and watch it grow!

Awesome Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Cosplay

Check out the most dangerous woman in the universe!

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