Zack Snyder

Exclusive: Updates On Justice League, The Flash, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern Movies

2016 looks to be when things really start to get moving!

Necessary Evil: Super-Villians of DC Comics Clip #1 Now Online

Narated by Christopher Lee featuring Zack Snyder, Richard Donner, Guillermo Del Toro and more!

Listen To WB Say Batman Vs. Superman As The Title & Gotham PD At The Football Scene (Video)

Check out the scenes from a different angle and more footage.

Batman Vs. Superman Set Video Of The Football Game & Details

GCU vs. MU results in a bench clearing brawl!

DC All Access Includes Zack Snyder & Sandman Overture Preview

First episode of a new weekly web series.

Spectacular! Watch The Superman 75th Anniversary Man of Steel Animated Short (Video)

Awesome homage video from Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm!

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