Zack Snyder

Christopher Nolan Clip From The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition

Special features include Guillermo Del Toro, Zack Snyder, Damon Lindelof and Richard Donner.

Exclusive: Kaley Cuoco In Batman Vs. Superman? Zack Snyder Directing Justice League Movie & More Updates

EIC Matt McGloin has been provided more information about DC's upcoming movie plans.

Ben Affleck Says New Batman Is Incredible; Lots Of Opportunities

Ben Affleck talks publicly for the first time about the new Batman and Zack Snyder.

New Ben Affleck Batman Will Be Seasoned Veteran Says WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara

Where was Batman during the Kryptonian Invasion?

Josh Brolin Will Defend Ben Affleck As Batman Until Death (Video)

Brolin talks how close he got to becoming the new Batman.

Batman vs. Superman Movie Gets Cinematographer From 300, Watchmen, Super 8 & Lost

300, Watchmen, Super 8, Lost DP on Man of Steel sequel.

Rumored Meteor For Batman/Superman Man of Steel 2: Kryptonite, Doomsday, Metallo or Brainiac?

Will Snyder and Goyer rehash the convenient plot device known as kryptonite?

Exclusive: Zack Snyder Eyeing Timothy Dalton For Alfred In Batman/Superman

Snyder and co. gathering ideas for the major supporting cast members.

Op-Ed: A Response To Ben Affleck Batman Nerd Rage & Why Heath Ledger Argument Doesn't Work

Lawrence responds to the verbal fanboy vomit as well as the notion that Affleck's situation is similar to Keaton or Ledger's.

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