Zack Snyder

Batman Vs. Superman Lex Luthor Party Details & Set Images

Red Carpet event held in Metropolis featuring all the stars.

WB Announces Justice League Movies & More

Ezra Miller to play The Flash. Jason Momoa as Aquaman and more.

Zack Snyder Building Fake Set Props To Hide Batman Vs. Superman Filming

Attempting to obstruct those with prying eyes and cameras.

Watch A Cool Zack Snyder Slo-Mo Supercut

Sweet dreams are made of this?

J.J. Abrams Shows Off The Dark Knight Millennium Falcon (Video)

Star Wars vs. Batman V Superman continues...

First Look At Batman Vs. Supeman Gotham PD Solves Stolen Batmobile Case

It's been rumored that the Batmobile was stolen. Zack Snyder took to Twitter to solve the case.

WB Moving Forward With Aquaman Movie

Justice League movie writer on board.

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