XBox 720

Next-Gen XBox Announcement Coming May 21st

We'll know more about the "720" next month.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Title & Details Leaked (MW4); Next-Gen Consoles Only

Lots of details leak on the next Call of Duty game.

Op-Ed: The Wii U Is In Trouble Right Now

If the Wii U is Nintendo's best offering for "the next generation," let's just say Mario will be working over time to keep the ship afloat!

X-Box 720 To Be Cheaper and Smaller?

A blogger has leaked some info on the new X-Box 720 that is said to be announced at next year's E3.

New XBox 720 Rumored and Protoype Image

Check out what some are calling the XBox 720, which is thought will be debuted at E3 in 2013.

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