X-Files, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Confirmed For New York Comic-Con

Signing autographs and attending a special panel.

Comic-Con 2013: Gillian Anderson Wants X-Files 3

Interested in the movie, but not TV.

IDW Publishing Announces New X-Files Comic Book Series

Trust no one, but we hope we can trust IDW to put out a good comic.

X-Files 3 Still On The Table Though A Reboot Is Possible

Producer Frank Spotnitz talks X-Files 3 and wouldn't be surprised if it gets rebooted.

New X-Files-Like Supernatural Series "Occult" Coming To A&E From Michael Bay and James Wong

Michael Bay and James Wong are behind a new TV series about two FBI Agents involved with an occult task force.

David Duchovny On X-Files 3: Should Be Big Budget Film and Curses Green Lantern Movie

David Duchovny discusses X-Files 3, cusses out the Green Lantern Movie and says you can't compete with Batman.

X-Files 3 Movie: David Duchovny Wants It Bigger!

The X-Files actor stated if they made another movie he would want it bigger as to compete with the summer blockbuster big boys.

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