Warner Bros.

WB Going A Different Route Than Marvel Studios: Announcements Coming Soon

Kevin Tsujihara and Diane Nelson weigh in on DC vs. Marvel.

Warner Bros. Developing Minecraft Movie

Warner Bros. developing the movie based on the popular video game.

Who Leads DC's and Marvel's Cinematic Realities?

Lawrence takes a look at who is running the show and offers thoughts of his own.

San Francisco Transformed Into Gotham City For Batkid & Make-A-Wish

A five-year-old diagnosed with Leukemia saves Gotham City as Batkid!

Harry Potter Spinoff Movies Announced With "Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them"

New film series following the adventures of Newt Scamander.

Ben Affleck Revealed As Batman: Official Warner Bros. Press Release

First ever onscreen match-up of DC Comics’ most iconic characters.

Exclusive: Tyler Hoechlin Up For New Batman; Screen Test With Henry Cavill; Plot For New Superman/Bats Movie

Info on Superman/Batman, the Batman reboot, Justice League movie, The Flash and more.

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