Thor 2013

Thor 2 (2013) To Film In Iceland

Alan Taylor will be taking Thor 2 to Iceland after completing filming in England.

Thor 2 (2013): All Nine Worlds May Be Featured

Just how cosmic is Thor 2 going to get? As cosmic as featuring all the Nine Worlds by the sounds of it.

Thor 2 (2013): Jaimie Alexander (Sif) Injured On Set

Jaimie Alexander was hurt on the set of Thor 2, but seems to be recovering and is okay.

Thor 2 (2013): Adds Batman and Game Of Throne Actors To Cast

Richard Brake and Clive Russell sign on to Thor 2 The Dark World.

Thor 2 (2013): More Set Images From Bourne Wood

More images from the Thor 2 movie set out of Bourne Wood, England have hit the net.

Captain America Wants To Appear In Thor 2; Talks Winter Soldier

Chris Evans says he wants to appear with Chris Hemsworth in Thor 2, talks comic books and The Avengers movie.

Thor 2 (2013): Stan Lee Confirms Cameo

Stan Lee reveals that his cameo in Thor 2 will be anything like he as ever seen.

Thor 2 (2013): More Images Including Chris Hemsworth, Alien Creatures and Weaponry

More Thor 2 images hit the net revealing creatures, weaponry and that curious looking robed alien.

Thor 2 (2013): Rumored Death of Major Character

Is Thor 2 getting disassembled? Rumor hits the net about a major death in the movie.

Thor 2 (2013): More Images of Chris Hemsworth

More images from the Bourne Wood, England Asgardian battle scene hit the net.

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