Thor 2013

Thor 2: New Images of Chris Hemsworth Battle-Ready From London

Filming continues on Thor 2, "The Dark World," in London, and with that we have a batch of new images of Chris Hemsworth.

Thor: God Of Thunder #1 Preview (Aaron & Ribic)

Marvel's new Thor: God Of Thunder comic book matches the recent set image of a sleeveless Thor wearing leather armor.

Thor 2 (2013): Set Image Reveals New Sleeveless Armor

A stunt double to Chris Hemsworth is spotted wearing new sleeveless leather armor.

Thor 2: "Great New Characters Coming In" Says Idris Elba (Video)

Idris Elba mentions Thor 2 in the following video clip.

Thor 2: Jaimie Alexander Returns To Filming On Monday After Suffering Injury

Sif returns to filming on Monday after suffering an accident on the Thor 2 set.

Tom Hiddleston's Letter Printed In Journey Into Mystery #645; Thanks Kieron Gillen

Tom Hiddleston writes a letter to Journey Into Mystery writer Kieron Gillen which shows up in the letters page.

Thor 2 The Dark World Image Gallery

Check out over 85 images from Thor 2 The Dark World featuring Chris Hemsworth and more.

Thor 2: Was Natalie Portman "Forced" To Return?

It's suggested that Natalie Portman was forced to reprise as Jane Foster for Thor 2.

Thor 2 (2013): Major Plot Spoilers Hits The Net

Major major plot spoilers and the death of a main character are revealed.

Thor 2 (2013): Tom Hiddleston Confirms Iceland Visit

Tom Hiddleston is confirmed to have been in Iceland, but doesn't verify the Thor vs. Loki battle scene said to have taken place.

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