Thor 2013

Natalie Portman Looking Dirty On Thor 2 Set

New set images of Natalie Portman from the set of Thor 2 have landed online.

Thor Chris Hemsworth Would Love To Do Star Wars

Chris Hemsworth talks Thor 2, Star Wars, Jane Foster, Loki, Game of Thrones and mentions Lord of Rings.

Thor 2: Natalie Portman Having A Good Time On Set (Images)

Natalie Portman is spotted on the set of Thor 2 apparently having a grand ol' time.

The Avengers Phase One Box Set To Offer Exclusives On Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America 2, Ant-Man

The Avengers Phase One Boxed Set can be pre-ordered and includes a look at the Phase Two Marvel Studios movies.

Thor 2: Anthony Hopkins Says Odin Encounters Malekith (Video)

Anthony Hopkins gives an update on Thor 2 The Dark World, working with Chris Hemsworth and Christopher Eccleston.

Thor 2: Stan Lee's Cameo Details Leaked Online

Stan Lee's cameo in Thor 2 may have been leaked online.

Thor 2: Natalie Portman Spotted On Set

Natalie Portman is spotted on the London set of Thor 2 The Dark World.

Thor 2: Jaimie Alexander Set Accident Details: Chipped 11 Vertebrae

Jaimie Alexander explains the natures of her injuries from her earlier Thor 2 accident.

Thor 2: First Look At New Villain - Surtur?!

A new set image has surfaced which hints at a new Thor 2 villain. Is it Surtur?

Thor 2: Kevin Feige On Set; New Battle-Heavy Set Images

Malekith calls down the Thunder and Thor answers! Check out a great group of new Thor 2 set images and Kevin Feige!

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