Thor 2013

Thor 2 Footage Debuts: Asgard Under Siege By Black Alien Spaceship?!

The first Thor 2 footage is said to have debuted in London revealing a few tantalizing details.

Olly Moss Thor 2 Movie Poster Sneak Peek

Olly Moss calls down the thunder in his Thor 2 movie poster that's a work in progress.

Thor 2's Christopher Eccleston To Be On Doctor Who 50th Anniversary?

Christopher Eccleston plays coy when asked about appearing on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.

No Samuel Jackson In Iron Man 3 But Yes For Captain America 2

Samuel L. Jackson says no Nick Fury in Iron Man 3, but yes for Captain America 2.

Thor 2: More Images Reveal Chris Hemsworth Vs. Christopher Eccleston Battle

Thor vs. Malekith on the London set of Thor 2 The Dark World!

Thor 2: Cool Video Of Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton Getting Blasted

The stuntman of Chris Hemsworth, Bobby Holland Hanton, seemingly gets blasted through the air.

Will Tom Hiddleston Do Thor 3? Talks Thor 2 Alan Taylor

Tom Hiddleston comments about doing Thor 3 and Thor 2 director Alan Taylor.

Thor 2: Tom Hiddleston Spotted On Set?

Tom Hiddleston on the set of Thor 2? What does Thor 2 hold for Loki as well as The Avengers 2?

C. Thomas Howell Calls New Red Dawn Bad Guys "Ridiculous"

Leave it up to Robert to tell it how it is in regards to the new Red Dawn reboot.

Natalie Portman Has A Green Infinity Gem In New Thor 2 Photos?

Natalie Portman has some strange object powered by a strange green light in Thor 2 set images. Any ideas?

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