Thor 2013

Thor 2 (2013): New Bourne Wood, England Set Image Reveals More Detail

We have another set image coming out of Bourne Wood, England for Thor 2, "The Dark World," of perhaps the village of the Dark Elves.

Thor 2 (2013): 5 New Bourne Wood, England Set Images

A new batch of set images from Thor 2 out of Bourne Wood, England have landed online.

Thor 2 (2013): Bourne Wood, England Set Images Surface

Check out some scenery from the Thor 2 set, where a reported major battle will take place.

Thor 2 (2013): Kat Dennings Returns As Darcy Lewis In Expanded Role

Kat Dennings will see an expanded role in Thor: The Dark World as Darcy Lewis.

Thor 2 (2013): Will The Beyonder Appear? Akinnuoye-Agbaje Named As Kurse

With Akinnuoye-Agbaje said to play Kurse in Thor 2, can The Beyonder be far behind?

Thor 2 (2013): Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston Is The Main Villain

Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston is the major villain in Thor: The Dark World.

Thor 2 (2013): Scene Description and Location Revealed - Hammer Time!

Check out a letter sent to residents about a battle between two kingdoms set in a different realm.

Thor 2 (2013): London Filming Rumored To Take Place Underground

Thor 2 might be filming underground, which makes sense with the recent news about the film's potential villains.

Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Cast In Spielberg's Robopocalypse

The god of Thunder is causing quite a storm in the movie biz and has landed a coveted role in Steven Spielberg's "Robopocalypse."

Thor 2 (2013): Villains Revealed?

Do the villains and big baddie from Thor: The Dark World stand revealed?!

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