Superman Parody Pokes Fun At Man of Steel (Video)

Look up in the sky! It's Superman and he might kill you!

Superman Unchained #4 Preview

Superman rushes to stop Ascension’s attack and kicks off a huge battle with Wraith!

Action Comics Annual #2 Preview

Superman, Supergirl and Superboy are enlisted by the Oracle to go back to their homeworld and correct what the villainous H’El has done!

Batman Vs. Superman Football Jerseys Revealed

Gotham City University vs Metropolis State University!

Batman / Superman #4 Preview

It’s the conclusion of the first arc in this series as one world dies and another lives!

Spectacular! Watch The Superman 75th Anniversary Man of Steel Animated Short (Video)

Awesome homage video from Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm!

Watch The Honest Trailer For Superman IV

Check out The Quest For Peace done right.

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