First Look At DC Comics Villains Month: Zod, Brainiac, Mongul, Killer Frost

Art from Action Comics, Superman, Green Lantern and Justice League of America.

DC Entertainment, Superman, Batman Dominate July Comic Book Sales

DC not afraid of letting people know who is on top.

Orlando Bloom, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Armie Hammer Rumored For Batman Reboot

Bloom a hot favorite for the new Caped Crusader?

Top 10 Comic Book Sales For July 2013: Superman On Top

Superman, Batman and Spider-Man rule the charts.

Exclusive: Older Batman Rumors False; Update on Flash Movie; Mark Strong Up For Luthor Like We Told You

Mark Strong hints at playing Lex Luthor and more updated from our DC Entertainment Source.

Cool Anti-Superhero Short Film: The Flying Man (Video)

Fans of Irredeemable, Chronicle, or Superman should love this.

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