WB Brought Ben Affleck On Board Batman To Carry Henry Cavill, Because Of Christopher Nolan, & Kevin Tsujihara

Pressure said not to be on Affleck which may be a good sign for Superman fans.

Op-Ed: Ben Affleck As Batman Is The End Of DC

CBN's Lawrence Napoli offers his thoughts and opinion on the big Batman news.

Exclusive: Ben Affleck Signs Huge Multi-Picture Deal For Batman; Lex Luthor Has Been Cast

EIC Matt McGloin learned some details about the new Batman/Superman movie.

Ben Affleck Revealed As Batman: Official Warner Bros. Press Release

First ever onscreen match-up of DC Comics’ most iconic characters.

WB Almost Went With Batman/Superman Cartoon

Ideas tossed around prior to Beware The Batman.

8-Bit Superman Has Problems With It's A Bird, It's A Plane (Video)

Takes Superman's flying to a whole different level!

Listen & Watch The Man of Steel Aquaman Easter Egg Scene (Video)

Aquaman checking up on the mysterious super man in the sea?!

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