Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds To Play Deadpool In 2016

"Uh... It's Chimichanga Time."

Deadpool Movie Gets 2016 Release Date

Rob Liefeld pretty happy about it, and watch the test footage again.

Ryan Reynolds Behind-The-Scenes Deadpool Test Footage

"Ryan Reynolds wearing his black pants."

Watch The Leaked Deadpool Movie Test Footage

Merc With The Mouth in action. Update: Now officially released.

The Captive (2014): Trailer Now Online; Stars Ryan Reynolds

Eight years after the disappearance of Cassandra, some disturbing indications seem to indicate that she's still alive.

Ryan Reynolds Doesn't Rule Out Justice League Movie: Has To Be Done Right

Has little interest unless it has a great script and director.

Deadpool Movie Still Moving Forward Says Ryan Reynolds (Video)

Merc With The Mouth not done for just yet.

Ben Affleck Batman Podcast

Cosmic Book News podcast with EIC Matt McGloin and Lawrence Napoli.

Ryan Reynolds Says No To Green Lantern 2; Most Likely Getting Rebooted

Reynolds doesn't think you could sell it to anyone.

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