Robert Downey Jr.

Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster For The Avengers? Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man Consultant?

Rumors hit that Robert Downey Jr. is using his pull for his friends.

New High-Res Images: Godzilla, 300, LEGO Movie, Edge Of Tomorrow, Her, Winter's Tale & The Judge

Bryan Cranston, Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Robert Downey Jr., Joaquin Phoenix, Sullivan Stapleton and more.

Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray Deleted Scene "Accents" Now Online With The Mandarin

Ben Kinsley, Don Cheadle, and Robert Downey Jr.

Mark Wahlberg Wants To Take Over Iron Man From Robert Downey Jr.

Was also up for Robin in Batman Forever.

Robert Downey Jr. Tops Highest Paid Actors List Thanks To Iron Man 3

Hugh Jackman and Dwayne Johnson make the list as well.

Joss Whedon Explains Iron Man In The Avengers 2 With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Whedon explains Iron Man's powers in The Avengers 2.

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