Watch: Revolution Season 2 WonderCon Sizzle Reel

Check out five minutes of footage.

Revolution "Love Story" Preview (203)

Preview for the next episode.

Revolution Season 2 Premier Sees Ratings Dip

Down a whopping 56 percent from the first season's premiere.

Watch Revolution Season 2 Premiere Online For Free Right Here

NBC has released the episode online in its entirety.

NBC's Revolution Premiers Tonight Trailer

Picks up right where Season 1 left off with ICBMs speeding toward Atlanta and Philadelphia.

NBC's Revolution Movies To New Night For Season 2

Picks up where Season 1 left of with ICBMs racing toward a pair of cities.

NBC's Revolution "The Plague Dogs" Preview Images

Here is a batch of image stills for tonight's episode of NBC's Revolution, "The Plague Dogs."

NBC's Revolution "No Quarter" Preview Images and Clip

Check out a batch of images and a preview clip to the next episode of NBC's Revolution, "No Quarter."

NBC's "Revolution" Reaches 24.2 million viewers

“Revolution” has now reached a total of 24.2 million viewers who’ve watched all or part of last week’s premiere or the Wednesday encore.

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