Peter Weller

New Star Trek International Trailer & Movie Posters Released; First Look At Peter Weller

Trailer, posters, Peter Weller. Oh, and let's not forget Alice Eve!

First Look At Joel Kinnaman As New Robocop (2013)

We get our first look at Joel Kinnaman in the new Robocop suit revealing a different take than the original.

Robocop Peter Weller to attend West Coast premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

RoboCop star Peter Weller, the voice Batman will be present for Warner Home Video’s West Coast Premiere of the film on September 24.

Robocop's Peter Weller Joins The Star Trek Sequel (2013)

Peter Weller, the original Robocop, joins the cast of the JJ Abrams as-of-yet unnamed Star Trek sequel.

Peter Weller on Robocop Statue

Peter Weller who played Officer Alex Murphy/RoboCop in the classic 1987 sci-fi action film offered his two cents on the Robocop statue.

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