Paul Dini

Alternative Comics Beat: Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell

Two of DC's greatest heroines team up in this original graphic novel by Paul Dini and Joe Quinones!

No Paul Dini & Joker For Batman: Arkham Knight

Super villains unite following death of Joker.

Geoff Johns Talks Suicide Squad and Superman Video Games

Geoff Johns talks about the Suicide Squad video game and mentions Superman as well.

2011 VGAs: Joker's Acceptance Speech Reveals Batman: Arkham World (Video)

Did the Joker give us a clue as to the next "Batman: Arkham" video game - or maybe something else?!

Paul Dini Wants To Do A Superman, Captain Marvel or Green Lantern Video Game

Dini, who penned the soon to be released Batman: Arkham City, spoke on the game he would like to do next if it was comic book related.

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