Nathan Fillion

James Gunn Denies Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Casting Rumors; Still Hope For Nathan Fillion?

James Gunn shoots down casting rumors for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Nathan Fillion Reveals Alan Tudyk's Dog Fight Firefly Episode Idea

Nathan Fillion tells Alan Tudyk's tale of an untold episode of Firefly. What could have been.

Firefly Animated Series Might Be In The Works

Nathan Fillion teases a Firefly animated series with co-star Sean Maher mentioning it as well.

Nathan Fillion Talks The Guardians of the Galaxy Movie, James Gunn, and Star-Lord

Nathan Fillion talks the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, about his friend James Gunn and Star-Lord.

Cool Fan-Made Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer With Nathan Fillion

While we wait for Nathan Fillion as Star-Lord to be announced, check out a fan made Guardians of the Galaxy movie trailer with the Firefly actor.

SDCC 2012: Joss Whedon’s Firefly Getting TV Reunion Special: Browncoats Unite

At this week's San Diego Comic Con the Science Channel will be filming a Firefly reunion special, Browncoats Unite.

Nathan Fillion Says He's Not Ready Yet For Avengers 2; We Say Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Nathan Fillion says he is not quite ready yet for The Avengers sequel. We think maybe the Guardians of the Galaxy movie will get him prepared.

Will Nathan Fillion Play Star-Lord? With Joss Whedon Directing Guardians of the Galaxy Movie?!

Forget Ant-Man, Nathan Fillion is the obvious choice to play Star-Lord, Peter Quill!

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