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Carpenter To Direct Darkchylde

The announcement came yesterday, on Halloween. Legendary director, John Carpenter, has signed up to direct Randy Queen's "Darkchylde."

AMC's The Walking Dead Season One Preview

AMC has released a preview to season one of The Walking Dead. Don't forget, tonight at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central The Walking Dead debuts on AMC!

AMC's The Walking Dead Sneak Peak!

AMC has released three sneak peak images and a full video scene from The Walking Dead! Tune in Halloween to see the roamers come alive!

Batman 3 title: The Dark Knight Rises and No Riddler

Christopher Nolan has confirmed the title to the next "Batman" movie and also stated the Riddler will not be the villain.

Get fired up for Ghost Rider 2! Or half lit!

Nicholas Cage rides again in "Ghost Rider 2" but at what cost?! How about taking a pay cut with almost half the budget of the first movie!

Green Lantern Movie Set Preview and Concept Art

Check out some concept art of Oa from the Green Lanten Movie!

Green Lantern Movie Scream Awards Video

Check out some video footage that has made its way on to the internet from the fifth annual Scream Awards featuring Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds!

Iron Man 3: May 3, 2013

Marvel.com announced that Iron Man 3 will "soar" into theaters on May 3rd, 2013! This will follow The Avengers movie which hits on May 4th, 2012.

Rhys Ifans Is The Lizard!

The actor was announced earlier to be playing a villain in the next "Spider-Man" movie. Now we know who; confirmed as Doctor Curt Connors!

Behind The Scenes of The Walking Dead

AMC released a 17 minute "The Making of The Walking Dead" video featuring commentary from the creators and crew of Robert Kirkman's adapted TV show.


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