Mark Millar

Mark Millar Gets Hired By Fox And Rips The Justice League Movie Apart?

Millar had good thoughts about the JL Movie back in the Summer, but not anymore for some reason.

Nolan Should Go To Jail For The Bane Vs. Catwoman Fight Says Mark Millar

Millar offers his thoughts on TDKR, X-Men and Kick-Ass 3.

Mark Millar Says Superman Henry Cavill Was A Great Choice; New Costume Horrible For Comic Books

Millar offers his thoughts on the new Superman as well as the past super men.

Mark Millar Warns What Comic Book Fans Already Know: Don't Overuse Wolverine

Mark Millar talks about not overusing Wolverine in all the different X-Men movies.

Fantastic Four Movie Is Going To Be "Phenomenal On Screen" Says Mark Millar

Mark Millar talks about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie by Josh Trank.

Star Wars Episode VII: Colin Trevorrow Not Directing

Colin Trevorrow says his odds of directing Star Wars: Episode VII are 3720 to 1.

Kick-Ass 2 Is Just Called Kick-Ass 2 and Is Not About Someone Else For 45 Minutes

Mark Millar clears the air surrounding the exact name for Kick-Ass 2 as well as some erroneous reports that hit the net.

Matthew Vaughn Could Still Direct Star Wars; Mark Millar Voices His Support

Mark Millar voices his support for Matthew Vaughn as the director of Star Wars.

Matthew Vaughn Dropped Out of X-Men Not Because Of Star Wars; It was For Millar's Secret Service

Matthew Vaughn dropped out of X-Men for Mark Millar's Secret Service adaptation.

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