Mark Gruenwald

Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme Gets A New TPB Printing

April will see Marvel print a new TPB copy for Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme.

Avengers #9 Confirms New Universe & Features Star Brand (Hickman)

Avengers #9 is said to feature the White Event, a New Universe and a familiar looking brand on the cover.

Jonathan Hickman Brings Back The New Universe To Avengers

It looks as if Jonathan Hickman is bringing back the New Universe as a tweet mentioned DP7 in addition to supporting evidence offered by recent solicits.

Brew's Crew: Makkari

It is because of the late great Mark Gruenwald, not King Jack Kirby, that I will always love Makkari.

Hey Marvel! Quasar isn't the self-doubting rookie he once was!

By Epoch's only eye, I hope the self-doubting unconfident Wendell Vaughn that we laid to rest all those eons ago does not come back when The Annihilators assemble this March!

What the D'ast? The Runner

Get caught up with Byron Brewer, the elder known as The Runner and the Buried Alien in the next installment of What The D'ast?!

Mark Gruenwald on Discovery Channel's The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes

Mark Gruenwald will be showcased on the Discovery Channel TV show, "The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes" which airs tomorrow.

VIDEO: Remembering Mark Gruenwald

Marvel VP Tom Brevoort posted a link on his twitter to a video from 1992 at the Skywalker Ranch featuring a presentation from Gru.

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