Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman Movies Rumored For Comic-Con

WB's plans for Comic-Con this Summer may have leaked online.

Batman Vs. Superman News & Rumors Recap Part 1

EIC Matt McGloin goes through the timeline leading up to Batman Vs. Superman and Ben Affleck's recent appearance on Fallon.

Ben Affleck Says New Batman Is Incredible; Lots Of Opportunities

Ben Affleck talks publicly for the first time about the new Batman and Zack Snyder.

Justin Bieber as Robin In Batman Vs. Superman Causes The Internet To Explode

Thought reaction to Ben Affleck was bad? Bieber as Robin is a nuclear bomb by comparison.

Justin Bieber Teases Robin With Batman Vs. Superman Script

The internet has exploded once again.

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