George Lucas Constantly Talking With J.J. Abram About Star Wars Says Jett Lucas (Video)

Son of George Lucas offers some thoughts, opinions and tidbits.

Star Wars 1313 Video Game Footage Reveals Movies Merging With Video Games

Check out what could have been with video from the Star Wars 1313 video game.

Disney Shoots Down J.J. Abrams Leaving Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor

Abrams is having a great time says LucasFilm.

Leaked Star Wars: Reclamation Animated Series Sounds Like Just What We Told You

Details leak about a new Star Wars animated show. And they sound a lot like what we were told.

Exclusive: Star Wars Animated TV Series Details, More On Spin-Off Movies & Video Games

Our Justice League movie source is back with Disney Star Wars details on the direction of their movies, TV and video games.

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