Kevin Tsujihara

WB Going A Different Route Than Marvel Studios: Announcements Coming Soon

Kevin Tsujihara and Diane Nelson weigh in on DC vs. Marvel.

WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara Mentions Multiple DC Movies Are In The Works

12-14 movies with the DC characters being a majority.

New Ben Affleck Batman Will Be Seasoned Veteran Says WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara

Where was Batman during the Kryptonian Invasion?

WB Brought Ben Affleck On Board Batman To Carry Henry Cavill, Because Of Christopher Nolan, & Kevin Tsujihara

Pressure said not to be on Affleck which may be a good sign for Superman fans.

WB & Legendary Part Ways; Robinov's Successors Named

In talks with Universal, Fox and Sony.

Jeff Robinov Exiting Warner Bros. Movies

Big changes a week after the Man of Steel's release.

Justice League Movie On Hold For Man Of Steel Success

It all rests on Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill's super shoulders.

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