Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios Has Plans Through 2028 & Talk of Fans & Comics

Map on the wall of Feige's office and talk of fans and comics.

Kevin Feige Talks James Spader & Ultron For The Avengers 2

Fun things in store for the "Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe" special.

Kevin Feige Basically Confirms Cosmo In Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Fan-favorite character and head of security on Knowhere.

Live Guardians of the Galaxy QnA With James Gunn, Chris Pratt & Kevin Feige Tonight

Watch the live feed as the cast and creators answer questions about the film.

Marvel "All Hail The King" Event Images With Ben Kingsley, Drew Pearce & Kevin Feige

Special surprise screening of the first ten minutes of Captain America 2 was held.

Marvel Studios Looking At Black Widow Scarlett Johansson Movie; Big Role In Avengers 2

Kevin Feige addresses a Black Widow movie, and Scarlett Johansson talks Cap 2.

Who Leads DC's and Marvel's Cinematic Realities?

Lawrence takes a look at who is running the show and offers thoughts of his own.

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