Joss Whedon

NYCC: Dark Horse Announces Whedon's Serenity Returns

Executive producer Joss Whedon behind the helm!

James Spader Got Scanned For Ultron

Extensive photographing and spoke to Whedon.

Josh Whedon Does Rewrites For Thor 2

Whedon comes to the rescue of Thor.

Will Vin Diesel Launch An Adam Warlock Movie In The Merging Of Marvel Studios Brands In 2016?

Which Marvel character will Vin Diesel play in 2016 which sees a "merging of brands?"

The Avengers, Game Of Thrones, Saga Win At 2013 Hugo Awards

Best of science-fiction and fantasy announced last night.

Watch The Wasp In The Avengers Movie Animated Storyboards

Wasp made it all the way to pre-production.

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