Joss Whedon

Marvel Confirms Hall H At Comic-Con: Everything Else Is A Mystery

Possibly featuring The Avengers 2, Guardians, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange?

Joss Whedon Helped Cast Thanos For Avengers Sequels

Check out video of James Gunn in Singapore promoting Guardians.

The Avengers 2 Is Darker & More Sci-Fi Says Joss Whedon

Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johannson weigh in as well as info about the other characters.

Joss Whedon & Mark Ruffalo on the set of The Avengers 2 image

Ruffalo and Herr Director Joss Whedon.

Robert Downey Jr. Tweets The Avengers 2 Cast Image

"Sunday afternoon in Richmond."

Joss Whedon Says Ultron Is Disturbed In The Avengers 2

Also that it's a different movie than the first.

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