J.J. Abrams

More Trouble For Star Wars Episode VII? Release Date Delay Requested & Denied

Kathleen Kennedy asked for a delay due to the script not being ready.

Almost Human First Look: Ro-bromance Promo

From J.J. Abrams starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy.

George Lucas Constantly Talking With J.J. Abram About Star Wars Says Jett Lucas (Video)

Son of George Lucas offers some thoughts, opinions and tidbits.

Awesome: Watch 4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again (Animated Video)

Really cool video revealing what made the originals so good.

NBC's Revolution Movies To New Night For Season 2

Picks up where Season 1 left of with ICBMs racing toward a pair of cities.

Star Wars: Episode VII Said To Be Filming In New Mexico

J.J. doesn't want to film that much in London by the looks of it.

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