Jimmy Kimmel

3 New Guardians of the Galaxy Images; Trailer Confirmed For Tomorrow

Pratt and the trailer set for Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow!

Superman & Wonder Woman Cosplayers Get Attacked On Hollywood Boulevard

Superman comes to the aid of Hollywood Wonder Woman.

Man of Steel Clip #2 Now Online From Jimmy Kimmel Show

Lois questions Superman; talks handcuffs.

Jimmy Kimmel Movie: The Movie Avengers Vs. Sexy Monster A-- Parody Trailer

Kimmel is back taking on all things good-looking and undead.

Donald Trump Compared To Superman Villain Lex Luthor By Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel compares Donald Trump to Lex Luthor as Trump offers Obama an offer he can't refuse.

Joe Quesada and Marvel Completely Embarrass Comic Book Fans Everywhere on Jimmy Kimmel

Joe Quesada and Jimmy Kimmel completely embarrassed comic book fans everywhere, with "package" jokes to boot.

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