Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa Poses As Aquaman For Cosplayer

Looks like Momoa is getting into the spirit of things.

Jason Momoa Drax Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art

New Rocket Raccoon and Groot concept art.

Jason Momoa Teases Aquaman & Work Out Video

Momoa doesn't confirm or deny Aquaman.

WB Moving Forward With Aquaman Movie

Justice League movie writer on board.

Jason Momoa Officially Cast As Aquaman In Batman Vs. Superman

Finally official as another member of the Justice League joins the cast.

Lisen To Zack Snyder Defend Aquaman On Detroit Radio Show

Looks like Aquaman is in Batman Vs. Superman.

Jason Momoa Confirmed As Aquaman (Video)

WB has yet to officially announce it, but that hasn't stopped a magazine.

Jason Momoa & Gal Gadot Working Out For Batman Vs. Superman

Unofficial confirmation that Momoa is in the movie.

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