James Bond

Christopher Nolan Rumored For Next James Bond Film

Nolan has said he is interested in James Bond before.

Dwayne Johnson Talks Star Wars & Expendables 3 Isn't Ready For This Ass Kickin (Video)

Johnson talks Star Wars, Expendables, James Bond and WWE.

Kevin Feige Compares Iron Man to Batman & James Bond

Kevin Feige discusses the future of Tony Stark, the comic book Mandarin and Iron Man 3.

2013 Oscar Nominations Released: No Christopher Nolan; The Avengers Gets Nominated

The 2013 Oscar nominations have been revealed with The Avengers nominated for Best Visual Effects. Check out the entire list.

Movie Review: Skyfall (2012)

There is NO WAY Skyfall is the BEST Bond film of all time. But man, this film comes really close!

SyFy Announces Thanksgiving James Bond Marathon; Original Dungeons & Dragons Movie

Syfy will once again shake up the Thanksgiving weekend with its annual James Bond two-day movie marathon and Original Movie Dungeons and Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness.

Henry Cavill Answers Man of Steel & James Bond Questions at LAX Airport (Video)

Henry Cavill is spotted departing LAX airport and answers some questions on the Man of Steel and also James Bond.

Activision Announces James Bond 007 Legends (PS3, Xbox 360)

A first-of-its-kind Bond video game, 007 Legends features an original, overarching storyline tying together six classic Bond movies.

007 Rising: Top 10 Bond Girls Ever!

Our M.E. hits the daunting task of listing his top 10 Bond Girls ever. What a hard assignment!

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