New Marvel HeroClix: Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Announced

Includes Sleepwalker and a new Annihilus figure.

Superman Man of Steel Movie HeroClix Announced

A HeroClix line of Superman Man of Steel HeroClix figures will be made available near the movie's release.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012): New HeroClix Figures Revealed

Check out a few more of The Dark Knight Rises HeroClix figures including Harvey Dent and Two-Face.

HeroClix Chaos War Figures Revealed! Chaos King!

HeroClix is launching another Marvel Cosmic line of figures, this time with Chaos War!

Unboxing The Avengers Movie Mighty Battle Game! Video

Check out a video of Matthew and Brayden McGloin's unboxing party for The Avengers board game, Hero Clix and Dr. Pepper!

The Avengers (2012): Banner and Hulk HeroClix Movie Figures Revealed

HeroClix has revealed Bruce Banner and two Hulk figures for their The Avengers movie line.

HeroClix Online Announces The Avengers Movie Collection

Marvel’s The Avengers Starter Pack includes six figures: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Joker As Cop HeroClix Figure Revealed

HeroClix unveiled another figure from their The Dark Knight Rises line, this time with The Joker as Sgt.

HeroClix Galactic Guardians: Available April 11th; Nova Helmet and Cosmic Cube Extras

The Galaxy's Mightiest assemble this Wednesday as the HeroClix Galactic Guardians are unleashed upon the Universe!

The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Alfred and Lucius Fox HeroClix Figures Revealed

HeroClix revealed two more of their The Dark Knight Rises figures with Alfred and Lucius Fox.

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