Green Lantern

Watch: The True Power Of Green Lantern

Batman even decides to get in on the action...

Green Lantern Corps #37 Preview

John Stewart leads an army of Lanterns of every color in an assault on New Genesis!

Green Lantern #37 Preview

Hal Jordan has to enlist the help of one of his greatest foes, Black Hand...

Red Lanterns #36 Preview

“GODHEAD,” act 2, part 4

DC Comics Announces Convergence Week 2 Titles

Steel, Aquaman, Shadow of the Bat, Parallax and more.

DCU Online War Of Light Part 2 Trailer & Info

The Fight to Save the Emotional Spectrum Rages on in DCUO's 12th DLC.

Green Lantern Corps #36 Preview

With Hal Jordan missing, John Stewart must take control of the Green Lanterns.

Watch: The Flash "Tarmac Sighting" Teaser

What was that red streak?

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