Flash Movie

Justice League Movie 2015 Rumors: Everything We Are Told

Here's everything we've been told about the Justice League Movie, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and a DC shared movie universe.

Exclusive: WB Planning An "Attack" In Response To The Avengers Movie

The Avengers movie has not gone unnoticed by DC; Henry Cavill won't be in a Justice League Movie, and more.

Flash Movie Still In Development

Wrath of the Titans scribe Dan Mazeau talks the Flash movie, and offers that we might be hearing something soon and more.

'Real Steel' Director Shawn Levy Talks Why His Flash Movie Didn't Work

The director explains what happened with his Flash movie from 2007.

Geoff Johns on more Green Lantern movies, Flash movie, and first new Justice League issue

More GL movies; the Flash movie; also the DC Relaunch of the new Justice League #1 that sounds a bit more like a reboot.

Bradley Cooper not likely to play The Flash

The current star of the sci-fi movie Limitless shares his thoughts on playing The Flash after getting turned down for Green Lantern.

Green Lantern Sequel and The Flash To Share Same Writing Team

Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to begin working on a second Green Lantern movie in addition to a movie based on The Flash.

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