Eternal Warrior

Eternal Warrior "The Valiant" Teaser

Four issue epic hits in December.

COVER SHOOT: The Top 5 Comic Book Covers For January 22, 2014

The COVER SHOOT is back! Check out the top 5 comic book covers that will be gracing the racks this week!

Eternal Warrior #5 Preview

First issue of Eternal Emperor!

Grek Pak's Eternal Warrior #1 Preview

On September 11th, two all-star creators come together to forge a brand new legend of the Valiant Universe!

Preview: Greg Pak's Eternal Warrior #1

First issue of an all new ongoing.

First Look At Greg Pak & Trevor Hairsine's Eternal Warrior #1

Soldier. Guardian. Warrior. Legend. Start reading here on September 11th.

Exclusive: Greg Pak brings back the Eternal Warrior during this, the second Summer of Valiant!

M.E. Byron Brewer learns about mysterious forces behind the Valiant U. and Gilad's place in its scheme!

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