Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Mentions Green Lantern Again

Would The Rock make a good Green Lantern?

Toldja? Batman Vs. Superman Rumored To Lead Into Justice League With "Insane Ending"; Film Back To Back

A new report confirms what we have been told earlier. Details inside!

One More Possibility For Dwayne Johnson: Lex Luthor?

Can Superman and Batman smell what Lex is cookin'?!

Five Characters Dwayne Johnson Could Be Playing In Batman Vs. Superman & Justice League

The Rock announced he is in talks with WB! But for who?! Let's take a look!

Dwayne Johnson Possible For Batman Vs. Superman? Confirms WB Talks

Johnson will be ushering in a bigger bang in 2014.

Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker Dies At Age Of 40 In Car Accident

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson offer up condolences.

First Look At Dwayne Johnson's Face As Hercules

Finally a look at the front of Hercules! Or at least a side shot.

Rock Wraps Hercules With New Image

Dwayne Johnson finished with filming.

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