Drew Pearce

Marvel "All Hail The King" Event Images With Ben Kingsley, Drew Pearce & Kevin Feige

Special surprise screening of the first ten minutes of Captain America 2 was held.

Joss Whedon Confirmed For The Avengers 3?

IM3 writer Drew Pearce seems to think so.

Sorry, Tom Hiddleston Fans: Drew Pearce Tweets "All Hail The King"; Could Be Mandarin

Sorry, Tom Hiddleston fans. Looks like something Trevor Slattery related.

Sorry: Marvel Isn't Apologizing For Iron Man 3 Mandarin Twist Anytime Soon

Drew Pearce sounds off on the Ben Kingsley Mandarin rumor.

Iron Man 3 Writer Says Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Is Brilliant

Drew Pearce has good things to say about Marvel Studios.

Drew Pearce's Runaways Movie Not Moving Forward Says Kevin Feige

The Runaways movie is on hold permanently.

Iron Man 3 Release Date and Writer are set

Iron Man 3 will be written by British writer Drew Pearce with a release date of May 3rd, 2013.

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