Brew's Crew: Doomsday, the beast who killed Superman!

So mighty was he that he killed the Man of Steel. What happens when he reaches the New 52?

Exclusive: Pak spills the beans on his terror trio for Villain's Month: Darkseid, Doomsday and Zod

M.E. Byron Brewer talks villains' value in comics, a new thorn in Darkseid's side, and more with the writer.

Another Look At The New 52 Doomsday

The beast’s reputation for death and destruction haunted The Man of Steel’s home world of Krypton.

Infinite Crisis: Gaslight Batman & Doomsday Trailers Revealed

The new videos give fans an in-depth look at Gaslight Batman and Doomsday.

Doomsday In The Man of Steel?! Potential Spoiler Surfaces

Some kind of creature in Man of Steel?

5 Possibilities For The New Man of Steel Villain (Mo-Cap Man)

Who's the guy with the plunger on his head in the new Superman movie? Let's take a look who the new Man of Steel villain could be.

Superman: Man Of Steel (2013): Henry Cavill's Comic Book Reading List Includes Doomsday

Henry Cavill mentioned a few of the Superman comic books he is currently reading (or studying?!) for his role as both Clark Kent and Big Blue in the Zack Snyder directed Man Of Steel.

DC Reign Of Doomsday Teaser

The DC Blog The Source revealed a teaser image asking, "Who will be left standing in Doomsday’s wake?"

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