Doctor Strange Movie

Nicholas Cage Eyes Doctor Strange Movie (Video)

Does Nicholas Cage have his Eye of Agamotta set on Doctor Strange?

Kevin Feige Mentions Different Team For The Avengers 2; Death of Captain America?

Rotating Avengers team and the magic of Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange & Ant-Man Movie Part Of Marvel Studios Phase 3 Plans

Kevin Feige says that Doctor Strange will be a part of their Phase 3 plans.

"Definitely A Doctor Strange Movie" Says Stan Lee; Inhumans & Black Panther Being Developed

Stan Lee says that Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Inhumans and all the heroes will be made into movies.

Cool Doctor Strange Fan-Made Movie Poster

Will Doctor Strange be the glue that binds Marvel's Phase 2 movies? Could be. Check out a cool fan-made poster.

Marvel Studios Exec Shoots Down Doctor Strange Rumor; Viggo Mortensen Not Working Anymore?

Wait? A Marvel Studios exec doesn't know if Viggo Mortensen is working anymore? That's why he's not Doctor Strange?

Watch Maybe Doctor Strange Viggo Mortensen In The Trailer For "Everybody Has A Plan"

Check out a new trailer with Viggo Mortensen where we see - fittingly enough - the actor as a Doctor.

Doctor Strange Rumored For Thor 2 The Dark World; Played By Viggo Mortensen

Will Doctor Strange surface in Thor 2 — played by Viggo Mortensen?!

Is The Doctor Strange Movie Script Set?

Reports are coming in that the script for the Doctor Strange movie are all set; however, that might not be the case.

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