Doctor Strange Movie

Edgar Ramirez In Talks For Doctor Strange

Maybe playing the villain.

Doctor Strange Films Next Spring; Casting Coming Soon

Announcements probably coming next month at Comic-Con.

Jared Leto Teases Doctor Strange

"How ya like my #stash!"

Jon Spaihts To Write Doctor Strange Movie

Write Prometheus, Darkest Hour and The Mummy.

Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch Wanted As Doctor Strange

Marvel Studios has begun their wish list of actors for the Sorceror Supreme.

Scott Derrickson To Direct Doctor Strange Movie

Jared Leto rumored for Strange. Derrickson directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Sinister.

Spoiler Surprise For Captain America 2

Be on the look out. Happens pretty quick.

Scott Derrickson Rumored To Possibility Direct Doctor Strange

Marvel continuing its search. Now rumored up to five names.

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