Batman: Death Of The Family Recap: What Is The Joker Planning?

At the end of the 16th issue of the "Bat-family" books, Joker offers them a tantalizing meal. But what is it? Or should I say -- WHO is it?

Just What the "DOC" Ordered: Blood On the Streets

It took just sixteen months for Marvel to wipe the street-level books off of your pull list! Now with Punisher #16 being the end of that run, we lose one more! Why?

Hope's Not The Chosen One: Look Out For The Phoenix Force Five! Wait! What?!

Marvel finally has some buzz! Too bad it's all about their confusing end to A vs. X #5! So, let's see what's going on!

What's Your Angle On The Tesseract?

Marvel was the first to use it, now DC has one all there own! But, just what is a Tesseract? Cosmic Cube? Real life science? Magic beacon? Find out here!

Just What The “DOC” Ordered: A Review of CLiNT Magazine #2.1!

Only one magazine can save you from a life of mediocrity, the all-new, all-awesome — CLiNT 2.1! 100 pages of fanboy euphoria in your grubby little hands!

The "DOC's" Top Of The Comic Book Pile for April 18th, 2012

Marvel brings it's big guns this week, but can Avengers vs. X-Men beat out Batman and the Justice League?

Is Avengers vs. X-Men Just Ripping Off What If...The X-Men Lost Inferno?

Way before A vs. X was a thought in the Marvel Architects heads, another book had all the same details — and in this one people stay dead!

2011: A Year In Review

The "DOC" Chris Bushley offers up his "Best of," "Worst of" and everything in between for 2011!

Just What The "DOC" Ordered: Drawing The Line At Constantine!

From Hellblazer to Justice League Dark? The "DOC" tells us why he's drawing the line at Constantine!

Daredevil: The Word On The Street

Our street-level expert, Chris Bushley, shares his thoughts and feelings on Daredevil and all things related in this featured article!

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