DCU Online

DCU Online "Halls Of Power" Trailer

Introduces the New Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis.

Jim Lee Talks Batman 75th Anniversary For DCU Online

A must-watch for all fans of the Dark Knight.

DCU Online Wonder Woman Amazon Fury Trailer

First of three DLC packs that focus on Wonder Woman and the Amazons.

DCU Online War Of Light DLC Trailer

Legendary Members Get Early Access to the NEW DLC Pack on January 22, 2014!

Origin Crisis DLC Announced For DCU Online: Travel Through Time & Alternate Realities

Origin Crisis will also introduce DCUO’s newest power set – Quantum!

Superman and Zod Now Playable In DCU Online (Screen Shots)

Superman and General Zod are now playable characters in DCU Online as Legends PvP characters.

E3 2012: DCU Online “Last Laugh” Trailer Released

At the 2012 E3, Sony and Warner Bros. released the "Last Laugh" trailer for DCU Online.

E3 2012: Sony's Line-Up Includes DCU Online and more

Sony released their plans for the upcoming E3 2012, including updates for DCU Online and more.

DCU Online: 8th Update: Research & Development System w/Screen Shots

All DCUO players now have access to the all-new Research & Development (R&D) system.

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