DC Relaunch

DC Comics Superman Solicitations For October 2011

DC released the 2011 October solicits for their "Superman" line of comics including Action Comics #2 and Superman #2.

DC Relaunch: Superman and Lois Lane Not Together

TMZ reports they have it on good word from sources within DC Comics that Lois will actually have a new boyfriend and not be with the Man of Steel.

DC Relaunch: Superman - Action Comics #1: New Cover Revealed

A new cover image for the DC Relaunch of Grant Morrison's Action Comics has been revealed based on Paul Bunyan and Bruce Springsteen.

DC Relaunch: New Superman costume based off 'Superman Returns' concept art?

Concept art from Superman Returns looks a lot like the DC Relaunch for Superman come September.

DC Relaunch: New Look at 'Justice League' Green Lantern and Batman!

Check out a panel for the DC Relaunch from the new Justice League featuring Green Lantern and Batman, by Jim Lee.

SDCC 2011: Jim Lee Justice League Official Souvenir Book and T-Shirt

Check out the Jim Lee Justice League design for the SDCC souvenir book and t-shirt.

DC Comics 'Heroes' Solicitations For October 2011

DC Comics released the 2011 October solicits for their "World's Greatest Heroes" line of comics including: Justice League #2 and more.

DC Relaunch: Green Lantern #1 Final Cover Revealed (Spoilers)

Earlier today, DC revealed the final cover to the DC Relaunch of Green Lantern #1 featuring *spoilers!*

DC Relaunch: Tyler Kirkham on 'Green Lantern: New Guardians'

Artist Tyler Kirkham answered a few questions with DC's The Source about his new gig come this September, "Green Lantern: New Guardians."

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